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Desktop Executive ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 08.14.2017
Full time

Coordinate clients and provide technical support.


Hardware Technician ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 08.22.2017
1000 per month
Full time

Do all the hardware work


Application Developer ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : manish , 02.06.2017
28000 per month
Full time

Understand client requirements and how they translate in application features Collaborate with a team of IT professionals to set specifications for new applications Design creative prototypes according to specifications Write high quality source code to program complete applications within deadlines Perform unit and integration...


Network Administrator ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : manish , 02.06.2017
24000 per month
Full time

Fully support, configure, maintain and upgrade corporate customer’s networks and in house servers Install and integrate new server hardware and applications Keep an eye out for needed updates Support and administer third-party applications Ensure network security and connectivity Monitor network performance (availability,...


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