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Admin Officer ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : Toplead , 08.15.2017
4000 per month
Full time

Coordinate team members Admin job


TEST MANAGER ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 03.15.2018
Thrissur, KL
2000 per month
Full time

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HR Executive ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 12.28.2017
Thrissur, KL
25000 per month
Full time

An exciting oppurtunity to be part of one of the fast growing recruiting company which has its offices in bangalore. We are looking for HR executives / HR recruiters who have atleast one year of experience in overseas recruitment and mass hiring


test ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : supertech , 12.28.2017
noida, UP
44 per month
Full time



Office Staff ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 12.06.2017
Thrissur, KL
6000 per month
Full time

Attend all phone quiries and visitors. Provide assistance to the staffs. Create report and other datas.


Operation Executive ( Not Disclosed )

Posted today by : keralajob , 08.13.2017
2000 per month
Full time

Handle two wheeler loan section. Provide accurate data into the database. Follow-up in time.


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